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About StriBest

Welcome to StriBest, manufacturer of high quality Stainless Steel cleanroom furnishings and equipment. We work closely with customers to provide furnishing solutions for the controlled environment, incorporating the latest in trend, fashion and ergonomics. Our pure and simple concept give you the CLEAN and HI-TECH looks highly desired by most MNCs in the 21st century. Our techniques involving advanced CNC equipment together with our precision craftsmanship allow us to build products that are highly durable, easy to clean and maintenance free. Whether it is Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Commercial Kitchen or Food processing, we understand your individual needs.

StriBest Lobby

High quality, customised Stainless Steel products


Design flexibility to suit the performance of complex technological projects


Technical expertise, exacting customer's precise needs

Quality,Flexibility, Know-How
StriBest Manufacturing Pte Ltd manufactures high quality, customised Stainless Steel products. We also deliver considerable technical know-how along with meeting our customers' exacting precision needs.

Get to know our superior know-how
Today's ultra-stringent cleanroom requirements don't leave any room for contamination. Neither do StriBest cleanroom furniture. We look forward to constantly meeting the challenges of tomorrow with the same commitment to high quality products and services we have stressed on over the years. We developed our Expertise in manufacturing cleanroom products over years of work in high technology applications, fabricating to the most exacting semiconductors specifications. As a result, we are able to incorporate the latest in manufacturing materials and techniques, from using computer generated designs to manufacturing using advanced CNC equipment.

Then get to know our better service
Our services include high pressure cleaning with proper wipe down using approved chemicals, to electropolishing which removes the top layer of subsurface contaminations leaving a chromium-rich layer that guards against scratching, corrosion, rust and increases the life of the material. The result - Cleanroom furniture that's suitable for Class 1 environments. Our know-how helps us provide a better service: It not only guarantees exact clean room specifications, it allows us to offer the extra service of installation. In fact, our service is all about extras. - Extra understanding of our customers' needs and requirements. Going the extra distance to make our customers' experience ease and hassle free. Extra professionalism that offers more flexibility and highly capable methods of managing our customers' needs.

The quality on demand, in demand
It hasn't taken long for StriBest to develop a reputation for quality. For instance, StriBest stainless steel furnishings came up to the standards of the most stringent requirement of the Wafer Fab industries where contamination control is most critical. Other cleanroom related customers also knew who to come to in the search for quality standards to offer them a flawless, ergonomical and fashionable cleanroom furnishings.

Flexibility by fine design
As providers of customised stainless steel products, StriBest strives to be totally exact with customers' requirements. Naturally this has led to a diverse demand for our products. Even Singaporean flagship hospitals have called upon our services for their state-of-the-art medical facilities, along with International Hotels, In-Flight Caterers and, of course, leading edge computer parts and semiconductor companies.

Exacting standards, exactly on time
Precision craftsmanship calls for precision timing, and we believe exacting standards brook no delays. So our quality always comes in right on schedule. And you can be certain, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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